The National Tutoring Conference 

A unique opportunity to meet the rest of our great industry and hear about the approaches of different players in the tuition business.



1pm 10th February 2015

Nutford House, University of London, Brown Street, London W1H 5UL


Tutoring and supplementary education - Creating a unified voice -Tom Maher - President of the Tutor's Association

How the Education Industry is changing and how this affects the tutoring industry- Daniel Thomas - Education Investor editor

The last 10 years. Where has the demand come from and  where it is going -Will Orr-Ewing - Keystone Tutors

Internationalisation of the tutoring market - Alexander Nikitich -  Carfax Education

The rise of tuition centres - Woody Webster - Bright Young Things

Using tutoring to tackle educational inequality. -Susannah Hardyman - Action Tutoring

The importance of homework - Toby Young

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