How to build and manage a successful tutoring business

12th May 13.00 to 16.00

Nutford House, University of London, Brown Street, London W1H 5UL
This is aimed at a number of differing businesses and individuals in particular new Tutors and Tutoring companies who are just setting up.


  • Accounting, VAT and tax - Are you an agent or a principal? Nigel Simmons - Acconomy Accountants
  • Administration - Build yourself  a business not a job! Don't spend your profits on administration. Streamline Arthur Guinness -Tutorcruncher
  • Tutor vetting and training - What makes a great tutor and how to find them? Patrick from Onfido
  • Marketing - How to set your company apart from the competition and  build a valuable brand. Fred Moore- Matter of Form 
  • The Tutors Association, Mission vision and values -  Chris Lenton -Tutors Association