The 11 Plus Conference 

1pm 1st April 2015  1pm to 4pm

Nutford House, University of London, Brown Street, London W1H 5UL


Bringing together parents, teachers, tutors, examiners, consultants and other industry players in the area of the 11 plus and providing a platform for discussion and debate on the future of the 11 plus.

  • The sciences and humanities - is the 11 Plus too limiting in what it tests and prepares pupils for? - Harry Mount - The Telegraph

  • The Kent 11 Plus test was changed to make it less susceptible to coaching. What happened next?  Peter Read - Kent Advice

  • Fairness of pupil premium priority at lower scores in "tutor-proof" tests or tests that examine innate ability.  Mark Maclaine - Tutorfair

  • When education is reduced to astonishing absurdity. Dr Chris Ray - Reporting Inspector, Independent Schools Inspectorate and Member of the UK International Education Council

  • Are there advantages to private primary school education for the 11+? - Dee Francken -Education Consultant – former Head of North London Collegiate Junior School

  • Comment from - Philip Alexandre - Touch-type Read and Spell

Many thanks to our sponsors including The Tutors Association, Tutorcruncher and the 11 Plus Web site.