Wednesday 22nd June 13.00 to 16.00

Nutford House, University of London, Brown Street, London W1H 5UL
This is aimed at a number of differing businesses and individuals in particular who work in the tuition centre industry. 

- How to recruit suitable teachers and tutors? - What Qualifications are you looking out for and what training should you provide?
- When to use computers and deploy blended learning?
- Changes in the 11 plus exam
- What sort of building should you use - What are the pitfalls of signing leases
- How to develop a time table to maximise utlization of the building
- How to build momentum with marketing and sales strategies
- Building relationships with schools, councils and being Ofsted Registered. 
Accounting, VAT and Tax. Are you eligible to be VAT free once you turn over the VAT Threshold. 
- Accepting Childcare Vouchers and Working Tax Credits